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It’s a beautiful day! | #nature #spring #instagood #photooftheday #bluesky #sky #trees #happyday #sunshine

This @totalbeautyeditors #Fresh&Beautiful collection is just pure awesome! Have you grabbed yours? Last time I checked you can get this for $12 with free shipping!! Check my blog sweetjellybean.com for more details. #instagood #totalbeauty #beautybox #bbloggers #makeup @nailtini @sennacosmetics #dhc #cleansers #lipstick

One of my fave @maybelline #DrRescue #babylips in Berry Soft - love the minty smell and hue so much! Have you tried it? #makeup #lipbalm #lipstick #instagood #photooftheday #beautyblogger #lipstick #lipcare #lips

Got the #spring fever? Then check out this pretty in pink & easy to do #nailart ! Inspired by @vspink #nailsmakeus #nailpolish #revlon #TheFaceshop #modinails

Just posted! My sampler kit from @beauteabar - find out why this site should be your next beauty destination - more details on sweetjellybean.com #skincare #organicbrands #allnatural

BeauTea Bar Sampler Kit – Now Serving Non-Toxic Beauty

BeauTea Bar is a website that offers a wide selection of non-toxic beauty brands alongside their range of refreshing organic teas. What a great combination, don’t you think?

I came across this company on Instagram and followed them immediately because the name itself (Beau-Tea) reminds me so much of my own tagline and this personalized tea tinI had last year. Sounds random but you’ll see what I…

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Enjoy the little things | featuring one of @boxofhappies artist items for this month’s box. Find out more on sweetjellybean.com. #unboxing #smallbusiness #crafting #diy #stickers #motivational

Pink stripes nail art tutorial is now up on the blog! Inspired by VS shopping bag hehe. Drop by and let me know what you think: sweetjellybean.com #nailart #nailsmakeus #nailpolish #nails #pinkpolish

We’re back with another nail art tutorial! How do you feel about starting your week pretty in pink? Stripes specifically?

The other week, we did a simple Smiley Nail Art and how to use nail art striper polish to create sleek lines for your design. Today, I want to share with you what a striping tape can do and how you can get creative with your designs using this product, even for beginners.

I believe that nail art is all about learning the basics and making use of simple tool and striping tapes really come handy.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Basecoat (Mineral Collection Iron Strength or Orly Top2Bottom) / Topcoat (Mavala Quick Dry)
  • Nail polish ( I used Revlon Cafe Pink as the base color, then The FaceShop Hot Pink nail polish (PP402)
  • Striping tape
  • Dotting tool

In case you’re wondering, this design is inspired by Victoria’s Secret shopping bag  LOL. It’s simple yet a very pretty color combination perfect for Spring. Or whenever you feel like sporting a pink mani.

Have fun!

Pink Stripes Nail Art Tutorial

Pink Stripes Nail Art Tutorial

Pink Stripes Nail Art Tutorial

Pink Stripes Nail Art Tutorial

And the outcome…

(Had a last minute change on my design and painted my index finger with the Hot Pink nail polish instead with a golden dot.)

Pink Stripes Nail Art Tutorial

Pink Stripes Nail Art Tutorial (Victoria Secret’s Inspired) We’re back with another nail art tutorial! How do you feel about starting your week pretty in pink?

Happy new week! #pinkvibes #flower #pretty #pink

My favorite @laurenconrad heels! Love the bow detail 😍 #shoes #fashion #laurenconrad #lc #kohls

Nature at its best. One of the reasons why I love Spring 😊

You’ve requested it, so here is my review of @emcosmetics the great cover up #concealer , where I braved it and took photos of my hideous looking under eyes dark circles! 😂 Ever wondered what this concealer can do for you? Check out sweetjellybean.com to find out 😊 #emcosmetics #em #greatcoverup #michellephan

Ever wondered what the great cover up concealer by em cosmetics can do to your under eyes dark circles? Check out my before and after photos below. Not a pretty sight. You’ve been warned. :-P

The Great Cover Up Concealer Review

[toggle title=”Ingredients”]
ethylhexyl palmitate, kaolin, ethylhexyl hydroxystearate
ozokerite, cera alba / beeswax / cire dabeille, polybutene, silica silylate
disteardimonium hectorite, polyethylene, propylene carbonate, silica
Concealers are fascinating makeup solution to our dark circles aka panda eyes looking dilemma. But just like foundation, finding your perfect shade can be tough and you could end up having reverse raccoon eyes instead if not careful.

Luckily, beauty gurus these days seem to really know what they’re talking about, the likes of Michelle Phan. This concealer was part of my em cosmetics haul last year during their crazy sale, best time ever to hoard LOL. I think I paid around $12 for this and it includes shipping whereas the current price is $17 (used to be $19) plus tax & shipping.

What sold this to me was a video Michelle shared on a sharpie heart, which the great cover up managed to well, cover up!

The Great Cover Up Concealer Review

There are 8 shades to choose from with cool, warm or neutral undertones. Honestly, it was mind boggling for me especially not being able to swatch it in person.

But after chatting with their guru online, I picked up the shade in Light Warm since they said it would suit my (Asian) skin complexion with yellow undertones.

The great cover up concealer comes in this little squeeze type tube with slanted nozzle which helps control the amount dispense.

You only need a very (very) tiny amount of this concealer to get the job done so 9ml will take you a long way.

See the swatches below including photos of with and without the concealer. Also, the pictures at end of this post, I didn’t use any foundation, just the following products below:

Before and After

You know what’s good about this concealer? It has a creamy, thick formula yet it feels lightweight on my skin. It offers a full, natural-looking coverage, which is what I’m looking for in a product. You also won’t find any chalkiness or cakey residue forming under your eyes later. This is also very easy to blend without tugging your skin.

So all you need to do is pat, pat, pat, and voila! I use my finger or this pointed foundation brush from Real Techniques to do the application.

You can buy this concealer from emcosmetics.com for $17 (excluding shipping + tax). I found this a little pricey at first, but after using this for the last few months, I can say that I’m glad I bought it. I don’t wear concealers all the time, but when I do, this is definitely my go-to.

Q: What do you think of this great cover up concealer by Michelle Phan? 

Products used for the above ‘no makeup’ look:
Sibu Beauty Sea Buckthorn Cream reviewed HERE.

The Great Cover Up Concealer Review

The Great Cover Up Concealer Swatches, Before & After Ever wondered what the great cover up concealer by em cosmetics can do to your under eyes dark circles?

#tbt #nailart 😉 @zoyanailpolish #Rue & #Odette looking good together. #nailsmakeus (details on sweetjellybean.com, which is back up and running by the way lol) #nailpolish #zoya #naturel