This adorable and super cute ring is now up on the blog - featured in @boxofhappies #unboxing ! Drop by and take a peek at the rest of the #handmade goodies! #instagood #love #etsy #crafty #indie #awesome #fun #pretty

Box Of Happies September Unboxing – Spring In The Box?

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If there’s one thing I love about Box of Happies, that would be the surprise factor and the handmade products waiting to be unveiled. September (and yes I’m behind again on this folks) box channels a fresh, almost Spring-time vibe. And who doesn’t love Spring, right?

Once again, I had an absolute blast taking all these photos and I just couldn’t wait to share all the featured…

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September @ipsy Glam Bag definitely carries that oh-so-chic vibe and I love it ! #StreetStyle #ipsy #awesome #subscriptionbox #beautybox #love #makeup #cool #fun #instagood #likes

Unboxing galore on as I share what’s in @totalbeautyeditors ‘Green Your Routine’ collection. Take a peek! #instagood #awesome #subcriptionbox #totalbeauty #organic #skincare #makeup #nailpolish #love #unbox

Total Beauty Green Your Routine Collection Unboxing

For the past few months now, I’ve been doing my best to go ‘green’ with my beauty products, that include skincare, makeup and even with my nail polish choices. It’s a slow transition so I’m very much appreciative when companies try to push the ‘green’ button and release collection just like ‘Green Your Routine’ from Total Beauty. It makes my attempt of going organic and all natural so much easier…

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Latest #mani on the blog! Collab with these beauties @bravenezz @bellezakisses using @colorclubnaillacquer #ByDesign #nailpolish & @milanicosmetics #GoldPlated 😁 - design inspired by @karengnails #nailsmakeus #instagood #love #awesome #nails #nailit #naildesign #fun #instalike #fun #manicure

I can definitely say that I’m on the ball today (and hopefully throughout the week)! How about you? I’m very excited to share my first Monday Mani collaboration with these two beauties, Leslie from @bravenezz and Tasha from @bellezakisses.

Did you know that we had our little meet up few weeks ago? Despite not being able to take tons of pics, I can absolutely say that I had such an amazing time with these ladies! We chatted, tried some yummy Japanese food, ate drool-worthy desserts and chatted more! It was a blast! And we will be doing it again, for sure.

Before we parted, we decided to take a trip to the nearest Harmon’s Face Values store. What? We’re beauty junkies. It was a must, plus Tasha apparently doesn’t have any Harmon’s nearby. We picked up a few goodies and decided, you know what, let’s buy one nail polish (same shade) and do something fun about it! And that’s exactly what I’m doing today. A plum and gold inspired nail art!

I saw this design via karengnails on Instagram (was featured by China Glaze Official account) and thought the shade was somewhat similar to Color Club By Design nail polish, which is a lovely plum creme. I had to give it a go!

Please excuse my not-so tidy nails and cuticles. It was one of those days. LOL

Plum & Gold Nail Art by SJB

What I used:

Base coat: Nutra Nail Iron Strength 
Base color: Color Club in By Design
Gold over: Milani Color Statement in Gold Plated (striping tape was used for the design)
Top coat: Seche Vite

Plum & Gold Nail Art by SJB

So, what’s your take girlies? Love it, would give it a go, or nah, not my cuppa?

Monday Mani Collab: Plum & Gold Inspired I can definitely say that I’m on the ball today (and hopefully throughout the week)! How about you?

Guess what we’re doing today on the blog? A giveaway!! And you’re invited! 😉 Link in bio. Join now! #instagood #awesome #likes #giveaway #vainpursuits #skincare #pretty #instalike #fun #freebies

Oh hey beauty beans! Have you had your dose of coffee beans yet this morning? It’s supposed to be National Coffee Day and it’s only right to celebrate with your fave coffee drink, right? Now, if you still need a bit more than just caffeine to give you a boost this week, how about this amazing Vain Pursuits Giveaway? Are you ready to win skin care products made just for YOU?

In case you’ve been…

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Happy Monday! Starting my morning a little bit late with this refreshing and yummy duo 😁 - #ramune & sweet potato Danish I picked up at @mitsuwamarketplace yesterday. Ohh, make sure to drop by on the blog later for something fun and exciting 😉😉. #instagood #awesome #photooftheday #snacks #japanese #yummy #nom #food #likes

Sunday #mani with @flowerbeauty #MayFlowers #nailpolish - #girly #cute #fun #dotticure #instagood #love #awesome #nailsmakeus

Munching this yummy @grazedotcom whole grain popping corn! #nom #food #movie #snack #snackbox #monthlysubscription #grazebox

#widn - planning my next post! And trying out some cool product 😉😉 stay tuned! (Tagging @beautybyluchessa @storybookbeauty @bravenezz @bellezakisses @prettyprintshop @beauteabar @_j4ckie_ - what are you up to girlies?) #instagood #awesome #love #beauty #fun #girl #likes #instalike #photooftheday

Top 5 must-haves essentials in my handbag (at all times) and why, now up on the blog - sweet | Drop by, say hi and let’s compare notes, too!➡️coupon alert*** stock up on #UbyKotex pads/liners and get #KleenexSlimPack and save lots!! (Link in bio now) ⬅️

For the record, I carry so much stuff in my handbag and not just my top 5 must-haves essentials but since we’re here to discuss that, I’m going to give you a peek of what my top products are. Products that pretty much live in my bag just because they make my life so much easier and convenient. Excited? Because I am!

5 must-have essentials U by Kotex

1. U by Kotex Heavy Flow Ultra Thin 32ct

The lady stuff. You know know, pads, liners and what not, for those just in case moments. I’ve been a fan of U by Kotex for a while now and it’s the brand I know I can count on (and spend money on with no regrets).

So imagined my delight when I saw that Walmart was doing an exclusive special offer on U by Kotex and Kleenex Slim Pack! Perfect. I love a good deal and this product is a necessity for me, so of course I had to grab their Ultra Thin double pack, which features their 3D capture core, which prevents those embarrassing moments, we all wished we didn’t have to deal with at one point.

That being said, I have a huge pads stash of U by Kotex (including their Lightdays liners) since I believe in ‘always be ready for Aunt Flo.’

This is a Share and Save opportunity, where the more times you share on Twitter, Pinterest, or Facebook, the higher the coupon value!

The offer includes three coupons for Kleenex ($0.50, $0.75, $1) and three for UbK ($0.75, $1, $1.50)

Grab a few packs and save lots by sharing! Collect your U by Kotex coupon HERE.

U by Kotex + Kleenex Slim Pack

2. Kleenex Slim Pack

Tissues! They’re handy for those little messes especially if you have a little bean like mine. Pocket size ones are the best, although I’m not shy to bring a whole box either. Just saying. Get yours → HERE.

3. Petal to the Metal Lip Service Lip Butter by Drew Barrymore (Flower Beauty)

This next pick is a no brainer. A lip product is a definitive must-have in my handbag. And recently I found the perfect one to carry around with me this season, this gorgeous lip butter from Flower Beauty, Drew Barrymore’s own makeup line. I’ve been dying to try at least one of these lippies and was so stoked to finally get one.

4. Summer’s Eve Cleansing Cloths in Island Splash

I always make sure to bring 2 or 3 of this cleansing cloths and I bought a pack (16 individually wrapped cloths) for just $1.67 at Walmart and couldn’t believe how affordable this was. I paid more than this from a different store before. What gives?  Anyway, now I know where to go to stock up next time. Wipes are a big deal especially if I’m out and about. I hate public restroom. There I said it. But there are just times when you gotta go when nature calls. And I never go without this stuff. Never.

5. eos Hand Lotion in Cucumber

Last, but definitely not the least, is this cute everyday hand lotion from eos that keeps my hands from drying out while on the go, especially now that the weather is starting to get colder. The last thing I want is wrinkly or pruney-looking hands. Definitely not a pretty sight.

So, what about you? What are your top 5 must-haves essentials in your handbag? Let’s compare notes. 

Love U by Kotex and Kleenex Slim Packs? Get your coupons HERE to shop and save!


This post is sponsored by U by Kotex and Walmart, but my love for their pads and everyday low prices is all my own!

Top 5 Must-Haves Essentials In My Handbag with U by Kotex For the record, I carry so much stuff in my handbag and not just my top 5 must-haves essentials…