Super excited to try @tatcha beauty papers! Have read so many good things about this that I had to grab one. 😊 #instagood #awesome #love #pretty #Japan #skincare #beauty #tatcha

It’s Mani Monday on the blog! Sharing my favorite washi-inspired nail art and mini step by step on my accent nail. Check it out on 😉 for more details. Happy painting! #nailsmakeus #nailart #happy #nails @revlon @sallyhansenau #beauty #awesome #washi #handmade #fall #love #fun #instagood #instadaily #likes

Floral Washi Inspired Nail Art

One of the things I love about nail art is that, you can experiment. Either colors, designs or simply replicate your favorite washi tape. The possibilities are endless. And since there’s no turning back  when it comes to my growing washi tape obsession (I have my fab Etsy seller Lindsey from Silent Poetry Arts to thank for that), I thought a washi-inspired mani would make that official today.


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#FF beauty beans! I’m having a moment with @laqaandco Menatour lip crayon from my @birchbox plus my latest #nailart. Tutorial now being featured over at @wantable style blog! Check it out girlies and let me know what you think. ( 😉 #nailsmakeus #love #instagood #selfie #instalike #fashion #beauty #wantable #igers #cute #smile #fun #instadaily #me #life #pretty

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I’ve joined the #BeautyBlogger Tag! Thanks @storybookbeauty for tagging me in your post. Get to know me more over at 😉 #instagood #awesome #blogger #love #community #likes #f4f #beauty

I got tagged! Thanks to Tianna from Storybook Apothecary, one of my go-to bloggers when it comes to organic skincare and TV shows not to miss! She’s such a sweet gal and I’m lucky enough to have met her via blogging.

This tag is your get to know me type so for those who have just found my blog, then this definitely is a good post to take a sneak peek on who’s behind all these beans. LOL. For those who have been here for a while (and thank YOU for sticking by), this is a refresher. :-P

Beauty Blogger Tag

  1. Is your hair naturally curly or straight? Straight with a touch of wavy or dare I say, it hasn’t made up its mine yet. LOL
  2.  Do you dye it yourself or go to a salon? I used to dye my hair at home… a lot. I think I went through that phase that I wanted to change my hair color every month. These days however, I would only trust my favorite hairstylist from Salon Oasis, Heidi. He’s been cutting my hair, too since I moved here in the US. The guy knows his stuff.
  3. Do you wear the same style every day or change it? I wear Mommy style pretty much every day now. It’s obviously not the same style all the time but let’s just say, I don’t think I’d call it very fashionable. I try to stick with comfy and cozy clothing and when I’m out, skinny jeans, tees, cardis and flats. Again, sticking within my comfort zone because you never know when you’d be running around chasing a 3 year old. Ha ha[space height=”30”]
  4. Do you do your own mani/pedi or go to a salon? If I can help it, I tend to do my mani/pedi at home. However, there have been times that I’d rather go to the nail salon in town and have Janet do the job. It’s just one of those mini treat or pamper session time that I like to indulge myself once in a while.
  5. How often do you change your nail polish? Oh my, tough one. Maybe every 2 or 3 days especially if I’m trying new collection or doing a nail art of some sort. Although there were times when it took me a week before changing them and I also try to have a few days off with sans nail polish on my nails at all.
  6. Do you polish your toes in the winter or just the summer? Here’s the thing, I barely polish my toe nails. I’m not sure why but I’d rather have them bare, trimmed and cleaned.[space height=”30”]Makeup Stuff
  7. How long does it take for you to put on makeup? It can take between 10 to 45 minutes, depending on what I’m going for. There are days when my face just looks OK and no covering up to do that I would just put a balm on and a bit of blusher. I love those days!
  8. What do you do first, face or eyes? Face normally but I’ve learned that doing your eyes first is much better! I just need to remember that though before I start smearing foundation on my face.
  9. How often do you wear false eyelashes? Never. I tried it once and it took me forever to put one on!
  10. Do you collect makeup or just buy what you need when you need it? Here’s a confession. Blogging has turned me into a collector. Ha ha. But the last few weeks, I’ve been very good and just buy the stuff I really need, and not because I need it because I’m going to blog about it kind of need.
  11. Do you do a full face of makeup everyday? Nope. I think there should be days when your skin gets to breath, freely.
  12.  Will you leave the house without makeup? Yes ma’am! Have done it many times and will do it again, I’m pretty sure.
  13. Do you wear makeup when you’re home alone or with family? Both, either I’m trying out a look or heading out with family.
  14. How many high-end products do you have? This I should still be able to count with my fingers.  :-D Maybe 5?[space height=”30”]
  15. Do you plan your OOTD or decide when you’re getting dressed? It all depends on my mood most of the times, unless it’s a special occasion or event that I’m going to, then I tend to plan ahead.
  16.  How often do you change your handbag? Ummm.. once or twice a year.[space height=”30”]
    Bag for Fall
  17.  What time do you wake up and go to sleep? If I get lucky around midnight, otherwise, I could be up until 2am watching a TV show of some sort. I know, it’s bad. And I wake up around 6am or 7am. I need more beauty sleep, don’t I?
  18. How often or when do you workout? Oh crap. Once in a blue moon. Ha ha. I need someone to really motivate me to start exercising for real or I’m in for some butt kickin’. Volunteer, anyone?
  19.  Left handed or right handed? Right.
  20.  How tall are you? I’m going to let you take a guess. :-P
  21. Do you speak any foreign languages? I do, indeed! Tagalog and Bisaya.
  22. How many pets do you have? None.[space height=”30”]
  23. How often are you on Blogger? I’m a WordPress gal, unless I’m reading someone else’s blog.
  24. Do you read comments posted on blogs? I always end up reading comments, although not always or all of them. I sometime find it interesting what others think of a certain topic I feel strongly about.
  25. Do you keep a list of products to try as you see other posts? I tend to just click on the link and sometimes end up buying the product pronto otherwise, I’ll keep a mental note.
  26. How did you come up with your blog name? I saw a cup of jelly beans on my table while I was brainstorming for a name. The rest was history. LOL
  27. What kind of camera do you use for your photographs? My iPhone 5S and proud of it![space height=”20”]
    Little bean
  28. How often do you clean your house? Hmmm let me think… every day but by section, so it could be the kitchen first, next day bathroom, then living room etc. I don’t know about you but full house cleaning for me is almost impossible with my little guy around. He’s my mess maker machine!
  29. What’s your favorite color? Any shades of purple.
  30. Do you swear? Yep, I’m no angel. But having a kid taught us to camouflage words instead, especially those times if one simply can’t help it — sh*t now becomes shoot or poop :-P
  31. What are you doing with the rest of your day? Good question… making lunch, then clean, then take pictures for a review post, play Mario 3D World with the little bean and perhaps paint my nails after. Anything can happen in the house of beans.

And there you have it. If you’d love to join this beauty blogger tag, please do so. I always love to get to know my fellow bloggers, that’s for sure. Make sure to link up or tag me on Twitter once you’ve posted.

Have a great day!

The Beauty Blogger Tag: Get To Know Me (More?) I got tagged! Thanks to Tianna from Storybook Apothecary, one of my go-to bloggers when it comes to organic skincare and TV shows not to miss!

If you’re a fan of blue, then you’ll love this gorgeous glitter polish from @nailhoney called Gypsy Girl, which my phone happened to capture beautifully in this photo. I mean, seriously, just look at this beauty. #nailsmakeus #beach #blue #awesome #love #nails #nailpolish #pretty #nailhoney

Thanks to @birchbox #subscriptionbox I finally get to try @thebalm_cosmetics #Stainiac 😍 #instagood #awesome #makeup #lipstain #love #pretty #red #lips #kiss #girl #likes #tbt #photo #picoftheday

Finally, a post! Bold and bright hues and accessories, just a few things that I love about summer.
Visit to check @boxofhappies #summer inspired Happies 😍 #instagood #instalike #love #indie #handmade #awesome #pretty #fashion #necklace #subscriptionbox

Box Of Happies August Unboxing: Last Days Of Summer Goodies

Sent for Review

Summer came in full force this year, don’t you think? And although we both have come to an understanding that we do not like each other so much after all (imagine me walking around with the little bean with an umbrella all the time without a care in the world, me having a sebum production crisis equals forehead breakouts, being sick… the list could go on), summer-inspired beauty…

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Finally bought some beauty samples from @modernmineralsmakeup - can’t wait to try this samples. 😍 #makeup #instagood #love #bblogger #awesome #likes

Fall has arrived on my doorstep today! After being sick for a week, seeing this absolutely made my day!! Thank you @belvoirusa - can’t wait to dig in what’s beneath all these beautiful packaging! #instagood #grateful #fall #happy #awesome #pretty #photooftheday #love

In case you’ve been wondering where this bean has been hiding.. well, pretty much in bed and nursing a fever, cough, and cold (do these two really have to be together because it seems that whenever I’m sick, they’re both present?!!).

Little bean and I have been very poorly the last few days (in fact it’s now a week) that I’ve not been able to function well, even trying to get my butt out of bed…

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How gorgeous is this hue? Featured this in my previous @boxofhappies unboxing on the blog - link in bio. #nailsmakeus #instagood #nails #nailart #awesome #blue