This one’s a keeper! @vlongocosmetics #lipstain SPF 15 Lipstick in Debue. Glides like butter, super moisturizing and such a gorgeous shade! What’s not to love? (Part of my recent #wantable #makeup unboxing) #fotd #awesome #instagood #photooftheday #pretty #likes #weekend #summer #cool #lipstain #lips #vincentlongo #lotd #f4f #mua

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Who’s up for another round of Wantable unboxing? Only this time, we’re touching base with something we’re all familiar with: makeup!

This month’s box is all about going back to basics and simplifying your morning makeup routine. I was curious what the Wantable peeps have curated this time, especially after seeing on their site the following brands: Mirabella, Vincent Longo, Tarina Tarantino, Mica Beauty, Ofra and Three Custom Color, of which 3 of these brands I’ve encountered before, thanks to the world of beauty boxes, also.

Wantable July Makeup Box

Although you don’t get to see right away the brands that will be featured each month,Wantable offers an option of one-time purchase for $40, alternatively, if you want to save $4, you’re better off setting up a monthly subscription ($36) and just skip or cancel if you’re not so thrilled with your box later on. There’s a quiz you can indulge yourself in, which will help get your items more personalized. All Wantable subscription boxes ship for FREE*!

Once your box is shipped, you’ll get your tracking reference to keep you updated. Ahh the waiting. Especially when I can see my package being sorted at the nearby post office!

The box came with a paper guide with detailed information of the products I got plus my preferences, which states, I will most likely receive products I LOVE  on the list and never the products I DISLIKE.

Wantable July Makeup Box

So let’s talk about makeup and how pretty the brushes I got!

Product Value
Tarina Tarantino Pearl Glow Primer (replaced) $32
Tarina Tarantino Blush brush (22) (replacement) $42
Ofra Liquid Blush Baby Doll (Pink) $20
Real Techniques Retractable Kabuki Brush $10
Vincent Longo Lipstick SPF 15 in Debue/Coral $23

Total box value: $95

I did end up having one of the items replaced in this box, the Pearl Glow Primer since I couldn’t stand the smell (it smelt ‘off’ or rusty). I thought it must be my unlucky unboxing month due to a previous situation here.

On the plus side, I received an immediate response from Wantable Customer Service and was sent a replacement from the same brand Tarina Tarantino right away and guess what it is? A blush brush! Even better! I’m building up my makeup brushes collection so this is a fabulous addition.

Pink with a bow? Yes, please.

Wantable July Makeup Box

What made me eeepppp! about this box is seeing Real Techniques Retractable Kabuki Brush! My wish has been granted by some kind-hearted beauty box genie.  :-D And I love it!

I own at least 10 (if not more) Real Techniques brushes, so does that definitely make me a fan, right??

Another product to love is Vincent Longo Lipstick in Debue especially since this has SPF 15, and it’s probably the only lipstick I have that has SPF, now that I think about it. This shade is described in my guide as coral but the more I look at it, it’s definitely nowhere near coral.

In fact, it actually reminds me so much of Maybelline The Buffs Nude Lipstick – Stormy Sahara, especially the swatches above. And if anything, it’s more on the pink-beige side, right? Nevertheless, I think this is such a gorgeous lip color and a great choice if you’re not into bold colors this season.

It applies like a dream (better than The Buffs), feels so buttery (thanks to Aloe Vera and Vitamin E in its formula), and smells like Vanilla!

Wantable July Makeup Box

Next up is Ofra’s Liquid Blush in Baby Doll, a gorgeous coral pink blush that has a cooling effect when applied! Want a quick summer flush on your cheeks? Hook up with this shade and you’ll love the result!

Wantable July Makeup Box

Wantable July Makeup Box

To sum up, I think Wantable July Makeup Box hits the spot to create a simplified makeup routine for us beauties, especially if your goal this season is minimal makeup. I sure am loving the natural makeup look, what about you?

Want the next beautiful new thing to arrive on your doorstep? Sign up HERE. (A fashionista? Check out my previous Wantable Accessories Unboxing.)

Wantable Makeup Box July – Summer Look Made Easy! Unboxing + FOTD Who’s up for another round of Wantable unboxing? Only this time, we’re touching base with something we’re all familiar with: makeup!

Gorgeous @tarinatarantino pink #blush brush with a touch of bow! from my @wantable box - more info on the blog later 😉 #beautybox #unboxing #subscription #instagood #ff #likes #makeup #love #awesome #mua #beauty #pretty

Slathering this up on the blog 😉 - Perlier Shea Butter with White Lily Extract Hand Cream - @ifabbo #handcream #handcare #instagood #awesome #love #hands

I’m not a hand cream addict. But over the past few weeks I’ve really stepped up my hand creaming game. Because who wants dried or chapped hands or the sign of aging showing off? Constant washing doesn’t help either or the fact that I always forget to apply hand cream afterwards. Needless to say, my skin on my hands is not in its best shape. 

As a skincare fanatic, I finally told myself that it’s now or never with hand creams and decided to try out Perlier Shea Butter with White Lily Extract Hand Cream that was offered on iFabbo shop. First impression when the product arrived? Wow, this hand cream is huge!

hand cream

What I like about this hand cream is its rich texture yet it’s non-greasy. It absorbs well in my skin with light massage and leaves a powdery-floral type smell, which is not overly strong. Hand creams that are greasy or sit on my skin are really off putting, probably one of the reasons why I never got into hoarding them due to disappointing experiences with other products.

I’m glad to say that with Perlier, it’s a different story. With 100% organic Shea butter and extracts of white lily, your hands are definitely in for a treat! Both ingredients boost soothing and emollient properties, which will keep your skin hydrated and smooth while it helps maintain your skin’s elasticity and firmness.

I’ve now incorporated this in my routine and apply this hand cream before going to bed at night and several times during the day. I keep this on my work station and sometimes dining table where I can see it right away so I remember to slather it on! The tube packaging is convenient when dispensing the product and with 200ml in the tube, it’s guaranteed to go a long way!

Some of the additional benefits of Perlier Shea Butter hand cream:

  • Helps improve the look of the skin
  • Effective beauty treatment for dry, prematurely aged skin
  • Helps fight free radicals and protect against environmental aggressors
  • Perfect for areas most prone to dryness

You can buy this hand cream on HSN for $24.00 or if you’re curious about the brand Perlier, you can watch them on HSN today or tomorrow (24th-25th July) since their Shea Butter White Lily Hand Cream will be featured in a variety of amazing package deals!

Curious if your hand skin needs a drink? Then try this: pinch the skin on the back of your hand and count how long it takes to return to being smooth. If it’s passed a second my friend, then it’s time to grab that tall tube or big tub of hand cream because your skin is dehydrated. [ from 1001 little beauty miracles by Esme Floyd]

Q: Is hand cream part of your skin care list? What’s your favorite brand/product?

PR Sample


Perlier Shea Butter With White Lily Extract I’m not a hand cream addict. But over the past few weeks I’ve really stepped up my hand creaming game.

I’m a fan of #CC cream and #ElishaCoy #koreanbrand is one of my fave! This is super light especially this summer with SPF 30 PA++ 😉 I bought mine from @wishtrend #koreancosmetics #makeup #skincare #instagood #igers #bbloggers #beauty

Omg cuteness overload here! How awesome are these bags? Spotted at #Aldo. #instagood #bags #fashion #accessories #summer #style #likes #instadaily #love #ootd

So thrilled to finally able to swatch @nailhoney lacquers and one of these #nailpolishes has my name on it! I don’t know about you but I find the packaging so freaking adorable 😍😍 thanks to the gorge @bellezakisses for introducing me to this #indiebrand #instagood #igers #nailsmakeus #picoftheday

Serious unboxing mode.
In case you’re wondering what I’ve been up to. 😄 what are you up to? #beautybox #makeup #skincare #cosmetics #instagood #photooftheday #perfect #pink #fromthelab #birchbox #memebox #wantable #unboxing #awesome #likes #bbloggers

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#FOTD obsessed with @nyxcosmetics Sweet Pink Matte #lipstick 💖 and @maybelline #MissManga #mascara #summer #makeup [ and will be chopping off my hair at some point this week or next 😁 any #hairstyle recommendation?] #igers #selfie #igblogger #bbloggers #awesome #photooftheday

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